Frequently Asked Questions


How does a close circuit music broadcasting system work?

We install our SMG-designed music broadcasting software on a computer in your store. If you do not have an in-store computer, we provide you with a pre-installed music player. This way, we are able to connect to the device via the Internet to update your playlists.

Will I have to pay extra for installation and playlist updates?

Installation and updates are free-of-charge.

The software will be installed on my computer. Are there any special features that my computer needs to have?

Your computer does not need to have any special features. All we need is a Pentium 4 processor to complete the installation.

Legal music broadcasting

How do I legally broadcast music?

In order to broadcast music in public spaces, you must have an agreement with professional music associations that own the rights to the pieces. You can apply for a music-broadcasting license from professional music associations such as MESAM, MSG, MÜ-YAP and MÜYORBİR, and obtain free-of-charge legal support from us regarding the process.

Can I broadcast music without making the license payments? What happens if I do?

In order to broadcast music, you must pay the fees determined by professional music associations. In the event that the copyright fees are not paid, piracy is deemed to have been committed and person(s) and or companies may be subject to fines as well as imprisonment from 1-5 years and additional sanctions such as an international travel ban.

Can you provide me with the playlist reports that we must report to professional music associations?

Yes, the playlist reports that need to be sent to professional music associations periodically are prepared and sent by SMG.

Do you have any alternative solutions for licensed music broadcasting?

Yes. We also provide less popular content obtained from a selection of music catalogues from abroad through a direct licensing method. SMG is responsible for payments regarding copyrights and content fees that are necessary for the use of this content. Using these music catalogues allow for all processes such as licensing, content and management to be controlled from a single outlet and provide a more budget-friendly alternative.

How do I know if the music you provide is legal?

We internationally notify of your license and obtain a special certificate for each of your brand’s sites.

Music and in-store messaging

How are the playlists prepared?

Once we get a brief on the brand’s image and the emotion that needs to be evoked in public spaces, we prepare special brand-customized playlists together with professional DJs and music directors who work for SMG. After you approve them, we get the playlists ready for broadcasting. In addition to regularly updating your playlists every month, we perform additional updates seasonally, according to your brand’s needs.

Can I broadcast different music in each branch?

Yes, as we broadcast music based on locations, you can broadcast different playlists in each of your sites.

Can I broadcast according to the day, hour and season?

Yes. For example, you can broadcast a playlist of Christmas songs during New Year’s, love-themed ones around Valentine’s Day, a playlist with a lower tempo for the mornings and higher tempo for the weekends.

Do you broadcast announcements?

Yes. We can easily incorporate the ready-made announcements that you send to us in your daily broadcast—all you have to do is determine the day and time you would like for it to air. In addition, we can provide budget-friendly announcement production services with dubbing artists who work in our company for our customers who would like to have their announcements made.

Can I instantaneously make announcements during an emergency?

Yes, if you make an announcement that is independent of the software, the music broadcast automatically stops. Once the announcement is over, the music picks up from where it left off.

Can I intervene with the music player? Can I skip to the next song?

Employee intervention in the broadcast flow can sometimes result in undesirable consequences; as a result, SMG is wholly responsible for managing the broadcast stream. Upon your request, we can add a ‘next song’ button to the software so that you can easily jump to the next track.

Technical support

Are sound levels across songs equalized?

Yes. We equalize the sound levels of all the tracks we broadcast. This way, you won’t experience any sudden changes in volume during track transitions.

Does broadcasting music use up from my Internet quota? Will it slow down cash transactions?

No, as we only use the Internet for the initial installation and when completing updates. We do not use a streaming method while broadcasting, therefore do not use up from your quotas, slow down your cash transactions or affect your day-to-day workflow.

Will my broadcast cut off if my Internet goes off?

No, the broadcast is not affected by your Internet access – you just won’t be able to transfer new data.

In the case of a power cut, does the music broadcasting start from
the beginning or continue on from where it left off?

Yes, unlike other closed-system music softwares, SMG’s software allows for the music broadcast to pick up from where it left off.

I don’t have a sound system. Can I still broadcast music?

Yes, we provide consultancy and supply services for sound system installations and technical equipment (amplifier, cables, speakers) for our clients.

What should I do when there is a technical problem with my music broadcast?

The SMG technical team is available 24/7 to support you with any technical glitches free-of-charge, either over the phone or by accessing your devices remotely. In cases where it is necessary to intervene on-site, we provide services at the relevant location in return for a service charge.
You can send an e-mail to explaining your problem.